Over the years we have had a a steady flow of customers enquiring about purchasing replacement kitchen, wardrobe or other cabinet doors on a supply only basis made from our unique reclaimed barn wood timber. We have delivered these across the UK predominantly for residential use to homeowners, designers and property developers but also for commercial use in tea areas, and for general office storage. The build quality has been going up and up and with our engineered 3-layer cross laminated reclaimed wood boards (reclaimed face and solid wood FSC core and back) we are now offering a highly refined product perfect for us through the house and ultimately durable.

Depending on the project scale and desired services required we have either work closely with the clients on a more bespoke door replacement service or alternatively and as often is the case the client has had their kitchen or wardrobe door sizes ready and we simply fabricate as per their requirements, which is a very cost effective way to get the reclaimed look and the satisfaction of using sustainable, up-cycled materials.

It is not just replacement doors but also doors for a new kitchen, wardrobe or cabinet. In this instance the client would usually go direct to a carcass manufacturer such as Howdens or Ikea for everything but the doors and panels then we would supply all the doors, panels and plinths for the fronts of their new cabinets as well as other items such as handles and hinges. This way the client can get the Brandler London look for their kitchen without the need to pay the higher prices that bespoke work costs. It does leave the emphasis on the client to come up with a design that will work, find the carcasses, appliances, worktops etc themselves and a good installer to fit the cabinetry. This is not straightforward but definitely possible for most determined homeowners. We are here to offer advise but there are also powerful free resources available such as thew Ikea kitchen planer and SketchUp. Using the Ikea planner you can design your kitchen the way you want, buy the carcasses from Ikea and then send us the plan and the required list of doors and panels. We then supply all the doors cut and prepared to work perfectly with your Ikea kitchen. However we would welcome to opportunity to work with any clients on bespoke service should they want to avoid the extra work and risk of designing their own project.

We are able to supply the doors with the hinge drill outs and if requested recessed handles cut out as per our clients specification. This way the doors can be fixed directly onto the cabinet (with hinges provided by us or the carcass supplier) and would not necessarily require an installer to fit. We are also able to apply a solid wood lipping for overlay doors where you want a more polished look on certain edges. This is the same for our end panels, corner infill panels, scribes and pelmets. We have a range of different finishes and textures. We protect and finish our projects with a specially designed lacquer that keeps the natural look and colour. We have a blogs and resources for barn wood aftercare to ensure you ha§ve what you need to keep your reclaimed timber products all looking fresh and vibrant for the long term.

Besides the doors we also supply worktops in either solid reclaimed barn wood or mitred engineered tops, advising where and when these might be appropriate. Other popular reclaimed barn wood products are our floating shelves supplied pre-drilled for the floating shelf brackets and wall cladding ready to be applied straight to your walls.

Please get in touch direct or look out for our new e-commerce site launching this year (2022!). Good luck with your projects and contact us anytime for assistance.