Our Kitchens

Brandler London kitchens are all bespoke creations. Every kitchen is a unique composition of our favoured raw materials, which are tailored to fit our clients’ finish and colour palettes. We pride ourselves on offering an extremely personalised service, making kitchens for a relatively small number of clients each year, ensuring the kitchens are all unique to their owners. Additionally, each reclaimed board that we use will have its own grain, weathering, and depth of texture, giving you an individual kitchen finish.

We offer a full kitchen design and build service, including retrofitted lighting designed to maximise the dramatic textural finishes. All installed to our exacting standards.

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Southwark Penthouse

Now owned by Tom Daley, the penthouse unit in Brandler London warehouse conversion offers a glimpse into a property  purchased by a British sporting icon. Reclaimed joists removed from the warehouse were given a new life and reinstalled as the bespoke kitchen doors, shelves and island. This kitchen and dining room of this three-level penthouse use the midlevel floor exclusively, creating the hub of the property. It is a space designed specifically for cooking, dining, entertaining, and relaxation. Concrete, metal, and wood come together in a stunning composition of orthogonal lines.

*Disclaimer – Property dressed by Brandler London for photography and as such expressly does not in any way reflect the interior design style of the owner.

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Fairfield South

An Edwardian house refurbishment, this kitchen is formed of two existing rooms and extending into the garden with bi-fold doors and a glass roof. Reclaimed wood beams, exposed steels, and original Benjamin Electric pendant lights create a domestic, industrial feel. The raw, reclaimed barn wood used on the tall kitchen units and kitchen island are illuminated from above to highlight their deeply weathered surfaces. The open shelving spans the back kitchen wall, with concrete surfaces below. This kitchen is designed to be highly functional and unique to the owners who cook three meals a day at home. The handles are routed into the doors creating recessed pockets in the wood, backed with steel plate. A built-in storage unit and reclaimed wood bookcase for the owners’ cookbooks was constructed with hydroponic lighting system to feed and nurture the clients’ herbs.The interior of the extension is clad with a light coloured, reclaimed pine, accessorised with plants with the aim to create a jungle canopy.

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Skeleton Rooms

To bring this dark basement to life, we substantially raised the ceiling height and added a mezzanine. We used LED lighting on the shelves, alcoves, and beams to permit ambient mood lighting and illuminate every detail. The movement of the open space design with altering levels from the kitchen to the living space and with the materials of wood, stone, and metal, all come together and give this room its own unique identity.
* Artwork kindly donated by Brandler Galleries
* Furniture supplied by Swoon Editions

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Southwark Bridge Road

This warehouse conversion uses joists, reclaimed from the original building and given new life as the bespoke kitchen doors and shelves. This open plan kitchen and living room with original floor boards, exposed brick, and reclaimed bespoke kitchen unites the activities of cooking, relaxing and living in this home. The kitchen optimises the Brandler London look of raw wood with the industrial aura of the home’s setting.
* Artwork kindly donated by Brandler Galleries
* Furniture supplied by Swoon Editions

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Aldebert Terrace

A Brandler London kitchen of one of our favourite repeat clients. They opted for the a mixture of Raw and Native barn wood cladding which provides a satisfying composition of reclaimed wood. Our Cabinet makers spent a meticulous amount of time making the internal cabinetry. This was a long process starting with charring and sanding the wood cabinets, repeating this process followed oiling and sanding which is again repeat several times to get the desired affect. We applied a white hardwax oil to finish the cabinets and against the charred black wood have a beautiful affect in the grain of the wood. The handles we routed into the kitchen doors and kitchen drawer fronts, with acid etched and lacquered steel back plates. This creates and industrial kitchen in a contemporary design.

Our Wardrobes

Brandler London wardrobes are unique pieces that we truly enjoy designing and fitting, using the our own quality materials and installing to exacting standards. All of our wardrobes are handmade by our team of master craftsmen in our London workshop. We can create any type, from small sliding wardrobes to large walk-in wardrobes.

Our supplies of reclaimed wood allow you a choice of pine, oak, or larch depending on the look you want. From overly weathered, dark and almost burnt in appearance, to perfectly preserved, smooth and light coloured finishes, we can supply the tone and texture you’re looking for in your bespoke wardrobe. There are a range of additional finishes we can apply onto these wood types, depending on how you want to use the pieces.

If the Brandler London style is for you, then please get in touch and our team will work with you to create your wardrobe specifically to your requirements. As it is all handmade and every piece of wood has its own character, there will never be another set of wardrobes quite like yours. They will be unique to your aesthetic and storage needs.

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The Coach House

This project was a complete bedroom revamp, with reclaimed pine wardrobes salvaged from a sheep farmer’s derelict barn. The main tall wardrobes are fitted out with central sliding shoe rack, with plenty of hanging rail space, and integrated drawers. The wardrobes on either side of the vanity frame the garden view providing supplemental storage. The space was re-wired with retrofit lighting and a discreet built-in sound system.

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Tall Wardrobes in our engineered barn wood and black Valchromat panelling. Grain flow on these cabinet doors from floor to ceiling, spanning vertically and horizontally giving this fitted wardrobe a sleek look. The overlay doors on the Valchromat show the detailing of our barn wood edged joinery allowing the doors to really stand out. Stylish dark grey interior carcass add to the sophistication of this unit. Tall matt black surface mounted handles and recessed handles for the top cabinets round off this wardrobe.

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Mount Park Crescent

This full house joinery pack involved Brandler London installing everything including Cinema room, Library, Utility room, vanity units, ballet room, stairs and all bedroom wardrobes. The bedroom cabinetry featured floor to ceiling sliding doors with invisible sliding mechanisms. All units were spray finished in Farrow and Ball colours.

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Mount Park, W5

This loft conversion raised the bar with concrete screed wardrobe decked out with hand made solid brass handles. These fitted units nestled into the roof structure to give maximum storage space and pleasing lines. Wrapping round the corner and across the bathroom vanity void, into the landing where there is a bounty of shoe storage. Internal drawers, lighting and subtle removable panels that allow access to the loft space beyond help round off this functional wardrobe. The wardrobe doors were screed with a micro-cement and the internals finished in a sophisticated grey linen. The room has a signature Brandler London bathroom and a larger than life live edge headboard all supplied and installed by our team.

Tom Daley's Wardrobes

These wardrobes bristle with all of the original character of the converted warehouse in which this project is located. The reclaimed wood used here is embedded with numerated rusted nails that were part of a foot long measurement system, revealing a glimpse of the inner workings of a warehouse built in the hops processing era.

*Disclaimer – Property dressed by Brandler London and as such expressly does not reflect the interior design style of the owner.

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Lynx Terrace, SW19

Twin beds on a raised platform made with a combination of solid and engineered reclaimed barn wood. Accessed by a their own set of dainty stairs with drawers integrated into each step. Each bed has one large drawer, two under bed cabinets and an open shelf finished (finished in F&B Vardo) give extensive storage. Fully built in these offer maximum use of space for this kids rooms, plenty of scope for fort making fun and the feel good factor of using a sustainable eco-friendly material.

Honeybee Loft

This loft conversion is a master bedroom, crafted and restyled by Brandler London using numerous types of wood. The main wardrobes here are constructed out of reclaimed wood from a beekeepers barn in continental Europe, with the horizontal wood grain arrangement appearing like the storms of Jupiter.


Internal drawers, shelves, and hanging wardrobe space all painted with Pelt by Farrow & Ball. The down lighting creates dramatic shadows on the wardrobe fronts and illuminates the inside when the doors are opened. These wardrobes wrap around the perimeter of the room with glass shelves, concretes worktops, and a vanity unit with a number of built-in drawers and LED up lighting. The vanity surface culminates with a drop into a laundry alcove. A line of light coloured pine doors house a run of low-level hanging wardrobe space with more storage behind. With wood-clad steels and a reclaimed sliding door from an old London warehouse, this bedroom possesses a cozy warmth while providing the necessary storage of a modern master bedroom. Blending a modern aesthetic with the owners’ own sense of whimsy, these varying and textured surfaces go above and beyond and conceal the entry into a secret hideaway room.

Aldebert Terrace, SW8

This pair of barn wood wardrobes made with a blend of different textures and colour, joined horizontally with the grain flowing from one door to the next.  Both were painted with Farrow and Ball Pelt and had open storage space above the wardrobe doors. Routed handles with steel back plates once again finish off these classic Brandler london cabinets.

Sliding Wardrobes

With brass recessed handles and quiet sliding mechanism, these guest bedroom wardrobes manage to fit well in a room that also features timber beams and exposed london stone brick. The reclaimed wood doors were assembled with the grain oriented horizontally to highlight the wood’s natural features as well as correspond with the other linear elements in the space. LED downlighting accentuates the texture of these bespoke reclaimed wood doors. Painted internally with Farrow and ball London Stone.

Mill Street

With LED down lighting and handcrafted recessed handles, this wardrobe’s dramatically textured doors take centre stage. These wardrobes are hinged with integrated shelving. The built-in drawers feature a smooth interior painted finish in Radicchio by Farrow & Ball.

The full-height storage is built to fit the space, allowing for maximum return on your wardrobe outlay while sympathetically setting itself apart from the Victorian arches of this old warehouse. The open shelf space that remains rounds off a functional and aesthetically pleasing project.

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Our Bathrooms

Our Bathrooms

Brandler London barn wood cabinetry works wonders in the bathroom to add a touch of warmth to a space not often accustomed to it.  Vanity units, bathroom wardrobes or fully refurbished bathroom suites in barn wood, teak, concrete or paint enamel, the choice is yours and the options are endless. Our engineered barn wood is perfect for this space, safe in the knowledge it has been designed and built to last.  Like all our reclaimed wood furniture we can design and fabricate your new bathroom with our trademark richness of texture and exquisite craftsmanship. These pieces stand out as modern yet tactile and biophilic in any contemporary home. We highly endorse the use of mix materials, combining the raw barn wood with smooth concrete or sleek metals to create an industrial material palette. However, natural wood finishes always ensure that warm, cozy feel of a well-loved home.


Williams Bathroom

These Brandler London wardrobes provide this sleek, modern bathroom plenty of much needed storage as well as large swaths of warmth and colour. Two full height wardrobes flank the basin and mirror creating a formal yet functional bathroom feature wall. Opposite, a free standing tub is allowed to show off, free from any bathroom clutter. The rough textured wood appears in high contrast with the smooth porcelain and stone used elsewhere in the bathroom while the signature Brandler London recessed door handles fit well within the space’s modern aesthetic.

We worked with lighting designers DLighting on this project.


Brandler Vanity

The Brandler Vanity works great in bathrooms that require a sleek, modern aesthetic but also need an element of warmth and texture. Constructed with a mild steel frame and a thick slab of our reclaimed larch, the Brandler Vanity is attached straight into the wall to create a contemporary floating appearance. All of the reclaimed wood used on Brandler bathroom vanities are sealed with three layers of a prim oil undercoat, used typically in marine applications, and a hard wax oil top coat. This piece maintains the signature Brandler London look of reclaimed wood and raw materials all while surviving the wear and tear of a bathroom’s daily routine.

Teak Bathroom

Teak and marble feature heavily in this family bathroom. A floating vanity unit with integrated LED on the underside of the cabinet, internal drawers boxes with recessed handles all clad in hand made teak drawer front and concrete vanity sink round off the pleasing piece of bespoke cabinetry. Matching teak shower tray with and teak bath panel neatly tie the room together.

Mount Park, W5

A closer look at our latest vanity reveals a subtle composition of reclaimed timber, natural stone and metal. This floating worktop and drawer assembly fit perfectly into place. Overhead storage with undercounter LED lighting and delicate pendants maximise space and functionality. Recessed handles thoughout allow the timber to do all the talking and black polished stone sinks round off this salt of the earth unit.

Our Interior Architecture

Our structural reclaimed wood can be used for a wide range of internal applications from beams to cladding, staircases to doors, or even tree houses. We have wood in all shapes, sizes, and types to suit your needs. As long as it’s reclaimed wood that you are after, you can be assured Brandler London can supply it.

In order to use aged materials that meet modern standards, we use hardwood for structural load bearing items, with larch and oak being our preferred species. If you are looking to add reclaimed wood for non-structural items, such as cladding for an existing stair or beam, we can offer a range of wood species to achieve your preferred look.

We also offer design and build of bespoke under-stair storage options, From sliding drawers for shoes and jackets to larger general storage cabinets, we can build a beautiful piece to tuck away all your household items. These can come in finishes of any of our wood varieties or painted to blend into surrounding walls.

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Wapping Wall, E1W

A sideboard table of big proportions with our raw deep set barn wood… a texture to die for. The wood flows across the front and top, spilling over the edges. Built bespoke this cabinet has a combination of internal drawers and and shelves in a black stained timber. Patinated steel finishes off our contemporary handleless furniture piece. The unit subtly conceals a radiator, the only sign the laser cut steel radiator grill.

Brandler Bed

Combining warm wood, raw metal, and tufted silk velvet, the Brandler Bed fits well in a modern design context while maintaining the character and comfort one wants in a bedroom. The base is visually grounded with large planks of honey-toned reclaimed wood that serve to conceal practical under-bed storage. The headboard is upholstered and hand-tufted in a deep blue velvet adding a classic sense of luxury and a soft place to rest one’s head. The steel frame ties these two materials together and adds a sleek industrial flavour to the domestic piece of furniture.

Brandler beds are built bespoke and can therefore be customised with each client’s style or storage needs.

Kempshott Road

Brandler London was commissioned to design and construct this colossal door for the fabulous Siouxsie Dickens, a freelance fashion stylist who designed the amazing Photographic Location House, Kempshott Road.

Made from reclaimed larch and painted black, these “doors” were designed to appear as two doors while actually being just one beast of a door. The painted surface still maintains the rich character of its 150 year old reclaimed material, with still visible dowel and nail holes, cracks, weathering and grain. The two different styles on each side of the door give additional depth and character. This door is fire-rated FD6 with smoke seals.


Brandler London’s reclaimed wood can be used to clad interior or exterior walls, kitchen islands, beams, and a myriad of other areas. This aged wood cladding gives depth, warmth and texture to any space, helping to hide structural steels or unattractive surfaces on stairs and walls. These areas then take on a whole new personality at night, where lighting can be implemented to cast a play of shadow and illumination across the clad surfaces.

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Our bespoke, reclaimed, and hand-crafted doors create a statement in the home or commercial premise. A door, often being the first thing you use when entering a building or room, gives a lasting impression. We create doors with big personality that aim to impress. We can design or replicate a door to your specification and manufacture it in our London workshop. We do not make any off-the-shelf products meaning the door we make for you will be completely unique.

We can apply a variety of finishes to the doors, as well as supply door furniture, hardware, and installation.


Brandler London design and craft, by hand, solid wood stairs, integrating various raw materials and lighting to create unique installations for both commercial and residential clients. We also work directly with architects and interior designers to provide raw bespoke stair solutions with our range of rare reclaimed wood. We offer these in various finishes of colour, tone, and character, with multiple fabrications options, textures, stains, and finishes.

We use structural wood to construct our bespoke reclaimed wooden stairs. We only use structural hardwood for load bearing stair components, with larch and oak being our preferred options. If you are looking to clad existing stairs, we also offer beautifully aged pine.

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Under Stair Storage

In addition to our stairs, we offer bespoke, space-saving under-stair storage options. We can design and build various storage units from sliding drawers for shoes and jackets to larger cabinets. These designs are available in any of the finishes of our wood varieties or painted to blend into adjacent walls.

Beams & Joists

Brandler London’s extensive supplies of reclaimed wood allow us to offer a variety of aged and weathered wooden beams and joists. If you’re looking to add the aesthetic of textured wood beams to your space, we we can supply the necessary pieces to complete the look. These reclaimed wood beams cannot always be used in a structural application but can be installed in non-load bearing capacities to give the appearance of timber construction to your otherwise plain space.

We’re always eager to work with clients who have innovative ideas in how they envision these materials to transform their space. If you have an idea in need of reclaimed wood beams, contact us to discuss.

Garden Architecture

When typical garden walls need more interest, our reclaimed wood supplies are used to create cladding and bespoke features to enliven the garden space. As most pieces are already suitable for outdoor use, these reclaimed wood planks used as garden cladding add warmth and texture to what would otherwise be a bare garden wall surface.

Our Barn Frames are created with particularly textured components. These weathered and character-filled focal points tie an outdoor space together with the same effect as your interior framed art or gallery wall.

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Our Commercial Work

The Brandler London look works well in a variety of commercial spaces. In addition to home kitchens, wardrobes, and furniture, our London workshop can create units fit for commercial applications, as well. From service counters to conference tables, architectural accents and commercial cladding, we can provide highly functional and highly durable designs to achieve the dramatic and warm, reclaimed wood aesthetic in your commercial space.

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Our Property Development

Brandler London supplies high-end design solutions for property developers looking for a boutique finish. With textured surfaces and raw materials, the detailed and bespoke finishing help these developments stand out. The properties that we designed have consistently outperformed the market and sell quickly, often off-plan and un-discounted.

We are always looking for ambitious clients with innovative ideas as to how to make a property stand out and will work closely with developers and architects to help achieve this. Even if you are just looking to add that hint of extra quality or character to your development, we are here to work hard to provide that aesthetic on schedule and in budget.

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