Our Furniture

Brandler London can design and build all types of bespoke furniture, from vanity or AV units, to massive steel and reclaimed wood tables or beds. We are very passionate about helping people with creative and playful projects. No idea is too outrageous. Therefore, we encourage our clients to tell us all of their imaginative ideas, unrestrained. However, if you would like us to take the creative lead in designing a unique space or piece of furniture we’d be delighted to assist, from indoor trees houses to arts and crafts work areas, from kids bedrooms to secret passageways.

Mount Park, W5

A closer look at our latest vanity reveals a subtle composition of reclaimed timber, natural stone and metal. This floating worktop and drawer assembly fit perfectly into place. Overhead storage with undercounter LED lighting and delicate pendants maximise space and functionality. Recessed handles thoughout allow the timber to do all the talking and black polished stone sinks round off this salt of the earth unit.

Brandler Vanity

The Brandler Vanity works great in bathrooms that require a sleek, modern aesthetic but also need an element of warmth and texture. Constructed with a mild steel frame and a thick slab of our reclaimed larch, the Brandler Vanity is attached straight into the wall to create a contemporary floating appearance. All of the reclaimed wood used on Brandler bathroom vanities are sealed with three layers of a prim oil undercoat, used typically in marine applications, and a hard wax oil top coat. This piece maintains the signature Brandler London look of reclaimed wood and raw materials all while surviving the wear and tear of a bathroom’s daily routine.

Brandler Bed

Combining warm wood, raw metal, and tufted silk velvet, the Brandler Bed fits well in a modern design context while maintaining the character and comfort one wants in a bedroom. The base is visually grounded with large planks of honey-toned reclaimed wood that serve to conceal practical under-bed storage. The headboard is upholstered and hand-tufted in a deep blue velvet adding a classic sense of luxury and a soft place to rest one’s head. The steel frame ties these two materials together and adds a sleek industrial flavour to the domestic piece of furniture.

Brandler beds are built bespoke and can therefore be customised with each client’s style or storage needs.

Williams Bathroom

These Brandler London wardrobes provide this sleek, modern bathroom plenty of much needed storage as well as large swaths of warmth and colour. Two full height wardrobes flank the basin and mirror creating a formal yet functional bathroom feature wall. Opposite, a free standing tub is allowed to show off, free from any bathroom clutter. The rough textured wood appears in high contrast with the smooth porcelain and stone used elsewhere in the bathroom while the signature Brandler London recessed door handles fit well within the space’s modern aesthetic.

We worked with lighting designers DLighting on this project.