Our Commercial Work

The Brandler London look works well in a variety of commercial spaces. In addition to home kitchens, wardrobes, and furniture, our London workshop can create units fit for commercial applications, as well. From service counters to conference tables, architectural accents and commercial cladding, we can provide highly functional and highly durable designs to achieve the dramatic and warm, reclaimed wood aesthetic in your commercial space.


If you have a large project where you only require cabinet doors, worktops, shelves or cladding then please get in touch as we often work with fit out companies to supply our unique reclaimed wood products to help finish exterior surfaces of joinery projects. Additionally if you haver an existing project that needs a revamp we can supply replacement doors and drawer fronts in our new engineered wood, as well as reclaimed wood floating shelves and our stunning sustainable worktops for any cabinetry or furniture application. Please get in touch for a quote.