Aldebert Terrace

Brandler London kitchen for one of our favourite repeat clients. They opted for the a mixture of Raw and Native barn wood cladding which provides a satisfying composition of reclaimed wood. Our Cabinet makers spent a meticulous amount of time making the internal cabinetry. This was a long process starting with charring and sanding the wood cabinets, repeating this process followed oiling and sanding which is again repeat several times to get the desired affect. We applied a white hardwax oil to finish the cabinets and against the charred black wood have a beautiful affect in the grain of the wood. The handles we routed into the kitchen doors and kitchen drawer fronts, with acid etched and lacquered steel back plates. This creates and industrial kitchen in a contemporary design.

Our Wardrobes

Brandler London wardrobes are all unique pieces, and we truly enjoy the designing and fitting, using the highest quality materials and installing to exacting standards. All of our wardrobes are handmade by our team of master craftsmen in our London workshop. We can create any type, from small sliding wardrobes to large walk-in wardrobes.

Our supplies of reclaimed wood allow you a choice of pine, oak, or larch depending on the look you want. From overly weathered, dark and almost burnt in appearance, to perfectly preserved, smooth and light coloured finishes, we can supply the tone and texture you’re looking for in your bespoke wardrobe. There are a range of additional finishes we can apply onto these wood types, depending on how you want to use the pieces.

If the Brandler London style is for you, then please get in touch and our team will work with you to create your wardrobe specifically to your requirements. As it is all handmade and every piece of wood has its own character, there will never be another set of wardrobes quite like yours. They will be unique to your aesthetic and storage needs.

Sliding Wardrobes

With brass recessed handles and quiet sliding mechanism, these guest bedroom wardrobes manage to fit well in a room that also features timber beams and exposed london stone brick. The reclaimed wood doors were assembled with the grain oriented horizontally to highlight the wood’s natural features as well as correspond with the other linear elements in the space. LED downlighting accentuates the texture of these bespoke reclaimed wood doors. Painted internally with Farrow and ball London Stone.

Williams Bathroom

These Brandler London wardrobes provide this sleek, modern bathroom plenty of much needed storage as well as large swaths of warmth and colour. Two full height wardrobes flank the basin and mirror creating a formal yet functional bathroom feature wall. Opposite, a free standing tub is allowed to show off, free from any bathroom clutter. The rough textured wood appears in high contrast with the smooth porcelain and stone used elsewhere in the bathroom while the signature Brandler London recessed door handles fit well within the space’s modern aesthetic.

We worked with lighting designers DLighting on this project.


Mill Street

With LED down lighting and handcrafted recessed handles, this wardrobe’s dramatically textured doors take centre stage. These wardrobes are hinged with integrated shelving. The built-in drawers feature a smooth interior painted finish in Radicchio by Farrow & Ball.

The full-height storage is built to fit the space, allowing for maximum return on your wardrobe outlay while sympathetically setting itself apart from the Victorian arches of this old warehouse. The open shelf space that remains rounds off a functional and aesthetically pleasing project.

Honeybee Loft

This loft conversion is a master bedroom, crafted and restyled by Brandler London using numerous types of wood. The main wardrobes here are constructed out of reclaimed wood from a beekeepers barn in continental Europe, with the horizontal wood grain arrangement appearing like the storms of Jupiter.


Internal drawers, shelves, and hanging wardrobe space all painted with Pelt by Farrow & Ball. The down lighting creates dramatic shadows on the wardrobe fronts and illuminates the inside when the doors are opened. These wardrobes wrap around the perimeter of the room with glass shelves, concretes worktops, and a vanity unit with a number of built-in drawers and LED up lighting. The vanity surface culminates with a drop into a laundry alcove. A line of light coloured pine doors house a run of low-level hanging wardrobe space with more storage behind. With wood-clad steels and a reclaimed sliding door from an old London warehouse, this bedroom possesses a cozy warmth while providing the necessary storage of a modern master bedroom. Blending a modern aesthetic with the owners’ own sense of whimsy, these varying and textured surfaces go above and beyond and conceal the entry into a secret hideaway room.

Tom Daley's Wardrobes

These wardrobes bristle with all of the original character of the converted warehouse in which this project is located. The reclaimed wood used here is embedded with numerated rusted nails that were part of a foot long measurement system, revealing a glimpse of the inner workings of a warehouse built in the hops processing era.

*Disclaimer – Property dressed by Brandler London and as such expressly does not reflect the interior design style of the owner.

The Coach House

This project was a complete bedroom revamp, with reclaimed pine wardrobes salvaged from a sheep farmer’s derelict barn. The main tall wardrobes are fitted out with central sliding shoe rack, with plenty of hanging rail space, and integrated drawers. The wardrobes on either side of the vanity frame the garden view providing supplemental storage. The space was re-wired with retrofit lighting and a discreet built-in sound system.