We sailed into waters around the Lipari and headed towards the islands marina.. The main sea front promenade is peppered with colourful houses with exquisitely weathered timber doors and window frames. This one in particular caught the eye with its dissolving render and flash of red  set against these aged wooden doors. The wood on these doors tell a story of a life lived to the fullest. Beautiful doors in a landscape.


Neighbouring doors offer their own majestic dereliction. The texture warn intuit the walls and moustache like sill… nature fighting back to reclaim its land.














Towards the end of the promenade we bumped into this native looking wood man… He wasn’t overly impressed when I suggested he would make a lovely kitchen or wardrobe door…. but as you all know we don’t chop down trees to make our furniture. We re-purpose old barn wood beams and give them a new lease of life.








Wooden sailing boats and standing coastline of the volcanic chain on our way to Salina turned out to be the island with the best treasure trove of old wood. The colours and textures married with the beauty of the surrounding hill sides and was a visual fest, a treat for the senses of intrepid wood loving explorers and a tremendous joy adventuring and discovering the islands secrets.