Barn wood is a strong and durable material. If cared for properly it will outlast any other surface in the house because Barn wood is used to dealing with the extreme forces of nature. It can absorb a heavy amount of wear and tear, and so unlike other materials can actually turn this to it’s own advantage. The result is a deepening of the character of this robust reclaimed timber.

Breaking off some of the deeper textured grain is possible. A pale timber colour patch left from the chip can easily be fixed by staining the light patch revealed and match the colour of the existing surface. Holes and cracks in the surface of the barn wood can also be filled with timber restoration wax.  Imperfections are what give the reclaimed wood much of its character so where possible embrace these.

Cleaning Barn Wood

Brush down the barn wood surface only as necessary with a strong natural or nylon bristle brush. Follow the grain removing surface dust and spillages. The back and edges (non weathered timber only) can be wiped down using a very lightly damp microfibre cloth. Be carful to avoid snags. Ensure the timber is left very dry. Avoid any level of moisture being applied or left on the timber. Where possible avoid using a cloth on the barn wood face itself.  Snags can be removed by gently pulling out (in opposite direction that you had been whipping) any fibres that cling to the surface. When cleaning do not apply excessive moisture to the barn wood as this can in some rare cases penetrate the material causing lasting damage.

Repeat this process using a furniture polish spray for wood. This will clean and nourish the timber giving it a deep and long lasting shine. Furniture polish adds protection, helping repel dust and moisture from the surface of the wood. Thoroughly buff all areas to ensure the polish spreads evenly across the timber. Follow the directions on your furniture polish spray for best results. This should be repeated every 3-6 months or whenever necessary.

We hope you enjoy your barn wood products and remember… when looked after properly barn wood will last a lifetime.