A love of nature is ingrained in us, refined through experience, culture, and the product of human evolution. But how often do we find ourselves in a truly natural environment?

There is an undeniable desire to immerse ourselves in natural landscapes. Though often only in our subconscious it leads many on long walks and escapes to the countryside retreats. The biophilia hypothesis  suggests that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with with nature and other forms of life.

But what if you could recapture that connection in your own home using raw and organic materials. Our materials palette with barn wood at its core creates cabinetry and furniture that offer a connection to nature, and quality of material that cannot be found elsewhere. The texture and grain of weathered barn wood mimics the wild unlike any other type of wood. Moss, bark and other organic surfaces such as Organoids stunning scented sheet material pressed with lavender, meadow flower and coffee (to name but a few) round off our material palette.

The World Health Organisation expects stress related illness to be the largest contributor toward disease by 2020.  With diminished opportunity to connect with nature and universal technological acceptance (Smart Phones, Tablets etc) means we have less opportunity to recuperate our mental and physical energy. At Brandler London we strive to keep this core connection to nature in our products, helping improve the health and well being of our clients.

Biophilic design is a sustainable design strategy, seen as a necessary complement to green architecture, which decreases the environmental impact of the built world. Our products and philosophy are both geared towards minimising our contribution towards this negative impact, helping to relief pressure on nature and importantly ourselves.